Colleen Fraser

Colleen Fraser has been a registered massage therapist in BC since 1986. Before that she received her B.Sc.Kin. at Simon Fraser University. As an avid learner, her career began with continuing studies in the realms of herbology, sports kinetics, and eastern modalities such as thai massage, shiatsu, yoga & ayurveda. She has continued to develop her interest into the profound fluid dynamic work of osteopathy and manual modalities that support the fascial, neural & lymphatic systems. She has taught Ayurveda & has evolved her skills as a practitioner and educator offering several continuing education courses for RMT’s that she has developed. 

Colleen is a certified yoga therapist, and possesses the skills and knowledge to blend both Western and Eastern self-care practices. She has a special appreciation and skill set for Ayurvedic Marma Point Massage,  Abhyunga and Shirodhara Head and Scalp treatments.  In the nineties she studied with renowned Ayurvedic Physician Dr Vasant Lad and she has continued her mentorship of Ayurveda and pulse reading under the tutalage of Jaisri M. Lambert and  herbal & medicinal plant science with David Crow.

Ms.Fraser has deepened her personal self-care practice through Sivanada Yoga, Qigong & meditative breathing exercises. These movement therapies have informed her passion around the wisdom of Ayurveda, an ancient medical system incorporating practical skills harmonizing lifestyle, activity and food choices.  Colleen is Education Director at Vida Spas, a multidisciplinary health spa  in Whistler and Vancouver and continues to live in Whistler, BC where she enjoys an active life with her family in the mountains.



Home Studio
36-8119 McKeevers Pl.
Whistler, BC