Multi Day Cleanse Program

Whistler Healing Art’s multi-day cleanse

is structured around the traditional Ayurvedic rejuvenation program. It is a tried and true system well known to deeply transform the body, mind and consciousness and it does enhance longevity. ‘Panchakarma’ sanskrit for five cleansing actions, is an opportunity to withdraw from your senses. The constant stimulation of daily life is slowed down so you can easily go inward to attain the deepest level of healing. Your day typically begis with a consultation followed by 2-3 hours of treatment. This includes an Ayurvedic warm oil Massage, aromatherapy steam and shirodhara bliss therapy. The program is guided by an experienced Ayurvedic Practitioner who will honor your own individual process. Simple, organic delicious food and herbal teas will be provided. It is recommended during this process to take plenty of space and time to rest, walk, draw, journal and listen to what your body and spirit want in each moment.

Details of the Daily Treatments

Each day will be facilitated by your Practitioner. Your Ayurvedic massages are based on your constitution and daily process. The purpose of these treatments are to profoundly relax the body and mind, improve the flow of energy by opening the channels of circulation, and to prepare the body to eliminate excess toxins (ama) on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

A typical ‘Panchakarma’ session begins with an abhyanga (oil massage), an Ayurvedic warm oil massage. Marma Chikitsa (pressure points) are integrated into the treatment. Pressure is applied to the vital healing points affecting the organs and subtle channels of the body.

Fee Program~per day: $500.00 

Accommodation – Whistler has many great places to stay ranging in price, you may also stay in the ‘ PK House’ for an additional fee of $100 per day including fresh daily meals of kitchari & all supporting supplies required for your cleanse. 

Each program is tailored for the client’s current state and constitution.  The basic 3-7 day program consists of a daily check-in, consultation and 2-3+ hours of treatments .  Our clients are typically with us from 8:30 – 1:30 each day. All meals, herbal teas, and herbal formulas are included.

The client will receive “swedan” a therapeutic sweat, which is done in a steam box with essential oils.  This dilates the channels of circulation, further loosening and removing impurities through the skin and gastrointestinal tract.

herbal powder or sea salt scrub is worked into the entire body to promote circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system and improve immunity.

Clients will receive Shirodhara (often thought of as the Queen of all the Ayurvedic treatments), in which a stream of warm oil is continuously pored on the forehead to profoundly calm the mind and expand consciousness.    Shirodhara activates the pituitary gland and can balance the hormonal system. In addition, this treatment has the added effect of awakening the third eye and stimulating cognitive memories.

Another traditional treatment that may be included in your program is the Netra Basti. This is an optional serive for the eyes.   A dough ring is applied around the client’s eyes, in which warm ghee is poured to fully saturate the eye, which nourishes and relaxes the optic nerves.  This treatment relaxes and soothes the entire nervous system and brings clarity of mind. provided as an additional cost $100.00.

Please ask about more details on the traditional PK Program offered at Whistler Healing Arts.

Lifestyle and Diet: The Key to Health and Wellness

During any step of the therapy, traditional Ayurveda recommends certain lifestyle and diet guidelines.

It is advised to get plenty of rest during the experience and to avoid strenuous exercise, late nights, loud music, television and other such stimulating experiences. It is also advised to take particular care to keep warm and away from the wind. Journalling is encouraged to observe one’s thoughts and experiences around this transitional time.
A simple diet with 80% fruits and vegetables is recommended, as well as essential restrictions on cold drinks, cold food, caffeine, white sugar, recreational drugs or alcohol and dairy products – all substances which should not be resumed (if at all) until some time after panchakarma is completed. The reason for this diet is that during the cleansing process the digestive fire (agni) takes a rest. Also, as toxins move back into the gastrointestinal tract, the power of digestion is further slowed. The simple food will provide adequate nourishment, is aids in easy digestion, nourishes all the tissues of the body, and is excellent for de-aging of cells. An indian mono-diet is recommened which is called, Kitchari. It is a meal that has all 4 food groups, and all 6 tastes. Ayurveda says that if we have all 6 tastes present in every meal, we will balance our system and have great health. Kitchari is a seasoned mixture of rice and mung dal including spices like tumeric. It is basic to the Ayurvedic way of life. Basmati rice and mung dal both have the qualities of being sweet and cooling with a sweet aftertaste. Together they create a balanced food; an excellent protein combination that is tridoshic.

The ‘Panchakarma’ is a very special Ayurvedic operation requiring proper guidance from a highly trained and skillful Ayurvedic lifestyle practitioner. This should not be undertaken with information from an article or a book. One should consult with an Ayurvedic physician, not just someone with a modest amount of training. Panchakarma is done individually for each person with their specific constitution and specific disorder in mind, thus it requires close observation and supervision.

Whistler is the perfect place to fully retreat, connect with nature and renew your spirit.  There are plenty of accomodations if you wish to submerse yourself completely.  Please call Colleen at 1-604-905-0771 to schedule your PK and to answer any questions you may have.